Specialisté v oblasti vzdělávání a rozvoje lidských zdrojů

Firma Grafton Recruitment
Místo pracoviště Na Poříčí 3a
Kontaktní osoba Martina Müllerová
Kontaktní telefon +420 242 456 400

Detail pozice:

This role supports continuous learning and quality improvement of the HR Shared Services through the voice of customers.

  • He/she drives initiatives and programs to improve performance, and examines call and ticketing data to identify continuous learning needs within the HR team.
  • Training of new hires and follow up ongoing trainings to assure the best delivered services possible.
  • Evaluate data, identify issues, and make recommendations for quality improvement processes.
  • Part of your responsibility will also include overlooking of team performance in order to determine non-efficiencies.

Your goal is to improve performace of our team, therefore the results of your work will be highly visible and core to the success of our business.
To apply:


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