Specialisté v oblasti databází a počítačových sítí

Firma Grafton Recruitment
Místo pracoviště Na Poříčí 3a
Kontaktní osoba Lenka Králová
Kontaktní telefon +420 242 456 610

Detail pozice:

If you would like to join a truly international development team based in Prague...
If you have experience in system architecture...
If you would like to work for clients all over the world...

If you are keen in:

  • Providing consultations to clients, discuss their needs and systems specifications
  • Coming up with innovations and new ideas and solutions
  • Recommending most suitable solution
  • Designing the specification for developers and system integration team, design sw components
  • Preparing instructions for systems implementation
  • Close cooperation with developers and project managers

... let me know!
To apply: