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Firma Grafton Recruitment
Místo pracoviště Na Poříčí 3a
Kontaktní osoba Věra Pindrochová
Kontaktní telefon +420 242 456 400

Detail pozice:

If you are a NATIVE ENGLISH speaker who is interested in an ENTRY-LEVEL job related to SALES and BUSINESS, and would like to start your career in an INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT, then you are who we need!

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Keeping in contact with partners
  • Act as a support and advisor
  • Agreeing sales, prices, contracts and payments
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Advising customers about delivery schedules and after-sales service
  • Understanding your customers' needs
  • Pre-sales preparation
  • Consultancy and support to business partners
  • Marketing activities
  • Providing information, maintain relationship, reporting

To apply: